Polyurethane System (2K)


TekPur is a solvent free very low odour 2 part Polyurethane system with a liquid activator
and is a versatile product for use on new construction and refurbishment projects for roof weatherproofing and coating applications.

TekPur should be applied by professional roofers experienced in cold lay wet on wet systems. TekPur can be applied to virtually any substrates** as a waterproofing system & for concrete structures, concrete roadways, under tarmac layers, carparks, ramps, bridges etc.

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High performance roof refurbishment/replacement system with TekVeil 15 reinforcement that bonds to a very wide range of surfaces ** and can be used both externally and internally to waterproof cementous structures, roadways, sub layer for Tarmac, car parks, walkways, bridges and ramps etc.

Can be used without TekVeil 15 reinforcement for general repairs and overlaying existing roofs *

Product Overview

Coverage 1.5-2sq m2
Wet Film Thickness Approx 2mm
Dry Film Thickness Approx 2mm
Pack Size 15.5 kg (A&B)
Mix Ratio 4.25 1 (B:A)
Short Term Temp max 250°c



Solvent Free, Low Odour


15 Year Material Guarantee when using TekVeil 15 reinforcement


Crack Filled


Exceptional toughness with flexural strength


Cold Applied


Pour & Roll System (Wet on Wet)