About Us & Our Products

Kovertek is a key supplier to the Composites sector, distributing a complete range of materials to Fibreglass/GRP manufacturers across U.K and Ireland. From an advanced range of resins, gelcoats, bonding pastes, tooling systems and fire rated products through to tools/ancils and reinforcements, Kovertek supplies everything you need from start to finish whether it’s building a plug to polishing the finished moulding. We have now added an extensive range of adhesive and sealing technology to the portfolio.


We cover all of the main sectors of the Composites Industry from Construction, Sanitary, Marine, Land Transport and Wind Energy. With large scale manufacturing capability, we are able to work in partnership with our customers and distributors to offer a range of off the shelf solutions and bespoke products when required. KoverTek also manufactures paints and coatings for the construction sector, being highly versatile and agile, KoverTek helps customers in an ever changing market. We offer a full technical service back up and we can get materials to your door very quickly. For further information on our products, services and development capability, please either call us or contact us on info@kovertek.com