We are delighted to announce our new Single pack Polyurethane roof coating “TekPur SP”. This high performance roof refurbishment and overlay product bonds to a very wide range of surfaces and can be used both internally and externally. Waterproofs and protects EPDM, Single Ply, Cementitious surface, Gypsum, Plastisol, Metals, GRP and OSB3 to name but a few substrates that it is compatible with.

                  • Working time approx. – 60minutes
                    Recoat time between 6-18 Hours
                    Rainproof approx. 2-3hrs
                    Walking traffic approx. 6hrs
                    Full Cure/Hardness approx. 48Hrs
    • Excellent UV and Weather Resistance
    • Fast Skin Formation
    • Cold Applied
    • 10yr Material Guarantee when reinforced
    • Exceptional toughness and Flexibility
    • Temperature resistant

contact us at info@kovertek.com for futher details, pricing and data sheets