KoverTek are now distributing a full range of epoxy, methyl methacrylate and cyanoacrylate adhesives for Kisling into the composites markets. This includes fire rated and rail approved (din en45545) bonding technology and very low odour methacrylate types.  This is good news and a great addition to the ever-growing KoverTek range of products aimed at the composites and construction sectors, where, incidentally KoverTek are becoming a very renowned partner of choice. Structural bonders such as Epoxy or Methacrylate (MMA) are becoming more and more popular in the composites sector due to their incredible strength and versatility. They are designed to replace mechanical fixings in GRP-to-GRP applications such as metal bolts and screws that are getting more expensive by the day but incredibly slow to fix. Time saving is a big win in this day and age and some of these adhesives are cured in minutes. The key markets to benefit from structural adhesives are land transport applications, (Bus, Rail, Automotive) Marine (deck to hull bonding, bulk heads, hatches etc) but also many other engineering applications where a chemical weld or bond can speed up production but also give the required performance. Key substrates that can be bonded using Kisling technology: –

  • Composite Materials such as GRP and Carbon
  • Phenolics
  • Metals
  • Plastics (some)
  • Woods
  • Cork and Cardboards
  • Fabrics

Other areas covered by the range include thread lockers, superglues (Cyanoacrylates) and RTV Elastic silicones

We offer full technical back up (supported by Kisling themselves where necessary) so if you would like a meeting to discuss your bonding requirements please get in touch with us at info@kovertek.com or call on 01604 781702